Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Problem With Height

So Romance Novels there is this idea that heroes need to be tall. I get that, a lot of women respond to taller men. We respond to the protector idea that this taller man gives us. But there is a point when it stops making sense. I am not kidding. I picked up a book not too long ago and several of the characters were supposed to be around 6' 8."

This is my friend David, he is 6' 8" and frankly is not that scary looking. The simple fact is that when some one gets that tall its hard for them to build a lot of muscle. So instead they are rather lanky. I don't care that the authors says these giant men work out all the time they are still going to be very lanky and frankly just plain tall. Anything above 6' 5" pushes the human body in the lanky direction.

I know that fantasy romance authors want to make the men appear to be out of this world so they exaggerate the heights but seriously it makes no sense!

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