Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving in interesting. Its a holiday based on a disastrous encounter with another race. We celebrate it by dealing with awful travel conditions and then sleeping on lumpy air mattresses. If you are me you get to top off the experience with your mother vomiting for no reason other than being nervous and refusing to come to dinner.

But there is something to be said for family. Every year my aunt will attempt to say some god awful long prayer themed speech at the beginning. Every year my dad would ask for the cliff notes, and now with the changing of the guard I have the honor to harass her. Every one taunts Jessica and my brother about their relationship statuses. There is never enough rolls to make everyone happy. Jessica and I make fun new alcoholic drinks when there is down time. The small dogs always pee on the floor at some point. My aunt insists that my uncle should never retire, he agrees. We argue about how stupid the Real Housewives series is vs other like minded reality shows. We debate and yell about which movie to see after dinner, my grandma and I beg for the more interesting movie while everyone else wants to see the big blockbuster. Grandpa always tries out a new joke and then resorts to something he knows by heart.

I like that I get these things every year, lets me know that even with one parent gone and the other one checked out the rest of the family is still there to make us nuts in their stead. So this year I am going to do something fun. I am going to pull out an old family video to show that even before most of the kids were born or could walk the dynamics were the same. Also everyone had on some crazy ass clothes, but still.

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