Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review: Double Enchantment by Kathryne Kennedy

Two things I love: Magic and Bodice Rippers. Combine them into one and you pretty much have one of my addictions. I sorta hunt for these kinds of books. Recently its been easier to find them because people seem to have finally caught on to the genius that is my addiction. But really hard to find is books that take place in Victorian England plus magic and shape-shifters. Which is why I just added Kathryne Kennedy to my favorite authors self on my Nook. I mean business people.

In Double Enchantment Jasmina Karlyle makes an illusion of herself so she can return some jewlery her mother stole. Problem is the illusion become real and wanders to a party and then leaves with a man, sleeps with him and marries him. Then things get interesting. The plot is well paced and I am fond of the gnomes that make and appearance.

I was a little bored with the love line of the store, but at this point I have read so many romance novels that its rare an author throws me a curve ball. Its pretty standard. They hate each other, or are crazy mad about each other but something is preventing them. Sometimes both. Stuff happens. They realize their feelings a damn the consequences. Normally the man is a complete ass of some kind at least half of the book. (which is why I super loved Play of Passion because the guy was different. I need to reread that. its happening.)

The mystery in these books are pretty cool. (Did I mention this was part of a series? I didn't? Bad Alyse.) In the series there are these magical jewels call Merlin's Relics and they are extremely powerful, they are also the only magic that can fool or hurt a shape-shifter. In each book the characters along with the Prince are searching for the Relic because they always seem to fall into the wrong hands. They all seem to do different thing and are rather interesting. I have downloaded the next book and have every intention of reading it soon.

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  1. Oh I'm going to find this IMMEDIATELY! I love romance/magic books!!

    you need this series in your life.