Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Reviews

I can't really muster the energy or enthusiasm to put too much effort into these two reviews. I got two books from the library because I didn't have any money to buy new books. Frankly I have seen these books for a while now and have up until this point avoided them out of a gut feeling. Then I tried to give them a shot figuring that Mercy Thompson is my favorite series and it isn't really a romance novel so I can try to give these a chance. I don't think I should have bothered.

The first book is Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn. The story follows three half fae sister who are sent to earth to work as part of a new task-force created to deal with fae and human relations. They are also supposed to protect portals to the land of the fae. the eldest sister is a witch, the middle a shape-shifter and the youngest is a vampire.  The first book is told from the point of view of the eldest sister, and she makes me a bit nuts. She only wears dresses and skirts, some of which I think the author doesn't know would look silly on anyone. She also always wears heels.

On top of that she has some kind of magical vagina because every man in the book is crazy about her. Oh yeah and some demons get lose and are trying to end the world or something. That's supposed to be the main part. It is, but frankly this book was a cock block. All this talk about sex and then the shortest descriptions I have read in ages, this book shouldn't be classified as romance.

I really think we need to iron out what does and does not constitute a romance novel. And I want to be the first to say I really don't think Nora Roberts counts. I would also like to say that if you are going to some how have the libraries put that little heart sticker on the spine there better be enough in that book to make my blood race, not a vague male description plus an vaguer sex description.

The second book is told from the point of view of the middle sister who seems more really that miss fetish. But then she goes and wears turtle necks half of the book. I want authors to know that no one under the age of 45 wears a turtle neck, and those women normally have given up on the their sex life. Young pretty women don't wear turtle necks unless they live in the arctic. Also I was really rooting for her to get with the werepanther because I am all about Were-animals. But apparently the human that didn't even really like her in the first book is way better. I really hate when the more relatable character doesn't get men. Its stupid.

I will most likely end up reading the next few books. But I have very little drive to finish it. So yeah. Read if any of this sounds good, or don't if you think you might get bored like me.

Also I just saw a photo of the author and suddenly get why the busty sister gets all the guys and the two thin ones can't find any. Lets just say that these books might have a lot to do with what she wishes would happen.

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