Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MTV is Stupid

There is this British show called Skins. I watched it on Netflix a while back and it is pretty fantastic. Its pretty much a bunch of drunk British kids who sorta have no idea what they are doing and how to fix the problems that arise. Tony is the mastermind of the operation and is the cause and solution of many of the cast's issues. I watched the first and second season in about a week. I didn't watch the third season because the main characters switch to Tony's younger sister who in the first half never said a word.

A few days ago I saw an add on MTV for their "new" show Skins. At first I was laughing because they named an old show new. Then I saw an extended preview during "I used to be fat" tonight. They remade the show. Same damn characters, apparently the same plot lines, hell half of the shots in the show are frame for frame the same. The difference is that now the characters are not British and they have American accents. Two characters have flip flopped races, and Sid is now Stanley.
New sucky version

But I have fury!

The original was great. It was strange and all the slang was cool. A good deal of the show made more sense because they were British and half the shit wont work with Americans. I am not pleased.

Not to mention I get the feeling the plot line where the Middle Eastern kid and his best friend have issues, because the best friend is gay and insists that he tells his family that his best friend is gay. The the kid's dad talks over him when he tries to tell him he is gay, saying that he is his son's best friend and if they don't tell is wife he doesn't care. That's not going to fly on this side of pond. Hell half of it wont fly. So much rage!

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