Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Review: Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

Um, what was I doing? Oh yeah I was going to review this book, why was that? Because I picked it at the library and I need to review something. Not to mention that I don't have anything else really at the moment unless I pull out an older book so this will have to do.

I picked this book up because it had a shirtless guy wearing a kilt on the front. What can I say I am easily drawn by shinny things and shirtless men. I couldn't really read the description because the library put the tag over the back story. I was low on reading material so I surrendered.

I tend to like books that have kilts on the front because then its some kind of He-man taking a fiery woman away to his castle. Which makes me happy in the small cave-woman part of my brain. This one started off bad because it started in a convent. Nothing interesting in a romance novel could ever start in a convent. Because that means we are getting a super religious woman with faith and forgiveness and all that mojo. Romance novels are supposed to be passion and excitement not this really slow burn of love. Well at least that is my understanding, its not called a bodice ripper because things are tame.

The main plot here is that the woman is the secret first born of the brand new King of England. It was one of the James guys, and its right during that time when being Protestant or Catholic was a big deal for the royal family. There is a mention of the puritans having left so I think its about that new world time. The girl is secret because James is being forced to raise his children as Protestants but he is Catholic so he sends his first daughter away so that he can have a Catholic heir. And then we bring in the kilts and frankly there are about a thousand of them in the book that I can't even tell who is who beyond the main character.
I mean seriously after the third time they explained that the different guys were cousins I about smacked my head into the table.

There was nothing particularly great about this book. I never felt the chemistry or the passion between the two characters. At the end I was sorta like, um so I guess this is love sorta. Anyway this book was stupid, its ideas are stupid and I am bored.

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