Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And You Lost Me

Right now I am trying to work my way through A Discovery of Witches, and I just found something that makes me want to beat the author.

Men don't do yoga. Athletes and health nuts do yoga. But if you are trying to give me this giant book and say that it is not a romance book than maybe you should think about not making your vampire hero perfect in too many ways. Oh he has a short temper, whatever.

I am just a little crazy because people always try to tell me to read real fiction books and not romance because they are written better. But here once again we have a girl that appears to be a bit of a mess, at least to herself because apparently everyone else is in aw of her; and a near perfect dashing rich hero. *groan.*
I am going to be perfectly honest, if you really don't put a whole lot of effort into your appearance and you have low self esteem, people pick up on that. Frankly the dashing guy isn't going to walk up to the girl with unbrushed hair who  slouches and doesn't make eye contact. This is a fact of life. Body language reflects self esteem. I am sick to death of these mousy women. Those of us that have a back bone would like to say that you are doing nothing for the social understanding of our gender.

Modern books are starting to sicken me. I miss Elizabeth Bennett.

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