Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tv Review: Black Butler

This is another one of my netflix finds, but unlike Sekirei this one is good. First off the story takes place in Victorian England which is one of my favorite time periods simply because of the stuff that happened and comes from that time, and the clothes.

Anyway so this little kid makes a contract with a demon to help him find the people who murdered his parents, in exchange the demon gets to devour his soul when he dies. But until the the demon is the kid's over perfect butler.  There are lots of macabre stories lies and characters.

Then at the same time the other servants at the house are complete screw ups and that typical set of stereotypes present in anime. There are silly things happening every episode, and even some of the serious characters have moments of complete and utter stupid.

I am only halfway through the first season so I can't really say a whole lot more. But pretty much this show is two kinds of anime some how put together. Also the accents in the English version are not end of amusing.

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