Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Archer Quotes of the day

Pam: Come on Ms. Archer! You've been in there ten hours, meet us half way and Krieger will let you out of there.
Krieger: Or else he'll crank up the heat again.
Cheryl: I love... that you know how to do that.
Krieger: And I love that I have an erection, that didn't involve homeless people.

 Charles: Oh my god, you like, sneeze glitter!

 Woodhouse: I'm afraid the lemur got into the pudding cups.
Archer: Yeah, like I told you he would, you idiot.

Lana: A non-circumcised Jewish guy, that's not weird to you?
Archer: No. Why would... I mean, I'm not Jewish, and I am circumcised so it can happen the other-
Lana: It doesn't work like that.
Archer: Lana come on. I think we both know it works fine.
Lana: Aw, come on! Not your d**k, dumb ass!

I spent half an hour yesterday talking about why this show is awesome so I had to put some quotes up to make up for my lack of post yesterday. Brittney is going to give me internet glares for completely failing at this post a day thing.

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