Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review: To Catch a Wolf by Susan Krinard

The lead is a cripple. There I said it. The lead female of this story is a cripple, until about a hundred pages from the end. But yeah. I was pretty impressed. I have to say that pulling the cripple card out of the hat was not something I was expecting, and I can pretty much call everything.

This is a period piece and takes place in the late 1800s in Denver. Athena is a lady of the town, but is confined to her chair after an accident as a child placed here there. Morgan is a werewolf that spent time in prison and then a long time as the wolf in the woods. Morgan then ended up in a traveling circus. They meet, there are class issues, and stupidity.

I was annoyed by this story. Mostly because it seems like it should have been shorter. The story rushes towards conflict, then back tracks, then makes new conflict, then side steps. I stayed up late reading this book because I figured that eventually it would slow down and then finish, but it didn't. I just read another of Krinard's books and I am beginning to think that she gave herself a page number goal and kept writing until she hit it. The characters are simply dragged through so much is so little time.

I though I was going to like this author because she does period werewolf pieces but the length and junk in the books are not acceptable.

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