Sunday, February 6, 2011

Manga I have been reading

So after that last manga I read and then that stupid book I went back to more manga. Let me just say I am blowing through these crazy fast. Here are a couple that I have read in the past few days. Keep in mind that I have no ability to stop this so book review might not come back until I read everything on this website. Just saying, be prepared for more of this.

Shinobi Life is the one I just finished (what is done). I really like this one. There are ninjas and time travel and ninjas. Also some super cute romance as well. Basically there are these portals to the past and the future and a ninja falls through it into the present. But then interesting things happen. Which I will not tell you about because attempting to explain it without reading will lead to exploding brains. But basically its epic. There is suspense and ninjas and love and time travel. Also this is the good kind of time travel where there are consequences and stuff. It starts off really slow and then suddenly it just takes off. One minute I thought I was just going to be reading a romance with a twist and then all of a sudden all the characters are time traveling. Then there are some waring ninjas and it causes problems. The girl's dad is a ninja. Just Read it!

I hate you art!
Love in the Mask makes me want to punch something. First of all the art work is this annoying style where everyone has really over done eyes and hair. I can't really explain it. Anyway the description sounded cool. This orphan is picked up by a wealthy family and raised as a boy to be a body gaurd, but its a girl. They do this for some kind of political reason that wasn't explained, or if it was I skipped the page. Anyway the story starts when the girl is little and still and orphan. Then it jumps ahead like six years. Suddenly there is a whole new bunch of characters that are introduced and then killed off. I don't know who they are because I was annoyed so I was skimming but still reading. Then it skips to the high school time for all the main characters, of which there are seven. I blame the fact that the story is Korean. I don't know why but the Korean stories always go willynilly when it comes to the cast. Also tons of gang violence. So I gave up and moved on.

Bride of the Water God seemed like a great manga. I can't tell you because half of the pages are either missing or just not there. I swear so many parts of the story don't make sense. There are flash forwards and backs at random times. The art work is crazy beautiful but I spent half the time confused. The basic story is that a girl is sacrificed to end a drought. But rather than die she does end up in the magical kingdom where the gods live. The only issue is that the water god appears to be a child and she is supposed to be his bride. But what she doesn't know is that at night he turns into his true self who is a rather handsome man. They try to deal with things especially because she is human means the other gods hate her and try to get rid of her often.

She is kickass.
Hana No Kishi had the same problem. But this one I was actually interested in. This one a girl becomes a body guard for another rich girl because her brother was killed in the line of duty. I happen to really enjoy the stories where a girl dresses as a man. I find it fulfilling to see a woman succeed in the mans world. But also I just love the Mulan legend and because of that legend these cross dressing stories are everywhere in manga. It story has this really cool idea about Knights and duels and I loves it, when I can figure out what is going on. Several of the chapters had pages that were out of order of simply missing. I suggest this one if you can find it in good condition.

I read like six more but these were the only ones I felt like talking about tonight.

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