Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Problem with Time Travel

I didn't even mention hygiene! AH!

Are we really expected to accept that women from modern day are just cool with no indoor plumbing and no tampons. Also the lack of daily showers. I get that he is hot and all but are you really going to sleep with a guy that hasn't properly bathed in months? That's what we are going with here. Because the time period we are talking about here is smack dab during the time when they though water was evil and taking a bath would let demons in, so no bathing in sight.

Also why are periods never addressed? I get they aren't sexy but we get one every month. Its not like they go away any time except pregnancy and old age. What did they even do for periods back then? In the 1500s what did they do? I am pretty sure you stuffed rags between your legs and just dealt with it. That is so gross I can't even imagine. So yeah all these characters are supposedly totally cool about never getting tampons again.

What about Advil? Or vaccines? Am I really to assume that this one guy is so hot you are okay living in a world where there are not treatments for some pretty major disease. No chemo if you get cancer, not that you would know anyway until the tumor is the side of a Volkswagen. No pain killers that are not also something a hippie would take to get high. No reliable tooth paste. No toilet paper. No hand soap.

Not buying it. I am just saying. I think I can live without whatever this guy is selling. Sure he might be super hot but I am sure I can find a very good looking guy in the 21st century that has gotten all his shots and doesn't have lice. LICE!

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