Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book Review: Dark Seduction by Brenda Joyce

I have serious issues with this book. Massive major issues. I am not even half way through and I don't think I will finish it. First lets start with the plot or what can laughingly be called the plot. This book is in that same series as before about the Highlanders that can time travel. At the beginning we meet Claire who own a books store in modern day New York and is kind of kick ass. Her mother was murdered and so was her cousin and she takes her safety very serious. She owns fire arms and several tasers, I tell you this so stuff later will confuse you the way it does me.

So a creepy lady shows up breaks down her door and knocks her out because she is searching for a page from a book. When Claire wakes up there is a massive Highlander that comes to look for the page too. But rather than freak out like she did with the lady she just sorta lets him in. Keep in mind we know that she has two family members that were clearly killed by men. Yeah so come on in scary guy. Then when shit hits the fan she  puts on a mini skirt, which I think is bull because we all know you put pants on if there is any chance of danger because they are harder to get off and keep you covered.

Well they go back in time and we get to the part that really super pisses me off. Claire is now more bipolar than my mother at this point in time in the book. One second she demands to be taken seriously and then the next she meekly accepts that he must be right because he is hot. Here is how the scenes have been going so far.

Claire: I need to learn to fight to defend my self and hunt for my mother's murder. (forget about the cousin apparently.)
Malcom: Nay you are my woman and I will protect you so shut up. (lots of broken english to show the readers that he has an accent which makes me want to punch the author)
Claire: You are right I am a coward. (No really she says this several times right after having long speeches about how in the modern day women are equal to men in many respects.)


What super pisses me off is that Claire never brings up the best argument for her side. That he cannot be with her every moment of every day and its a good idea if she have some knowledge of how to use a weapon. Especially because twice in the book so far Malcolm has been busying either fighting or taking a nap when some one has attacked Claire. Yet they both seem to forget this fact and spend hours fighting about how she is under his protection and he wont let anything happen to her. Well you did asshole, she was nearly strangled two chapters ago while you took a snooze so shut your face!!!!

I was also just reading a scene where Malcolm and his half brother are having a conversation. Claire says something. Malcolm gives her a glare and suddenly she thinks "women have no place to speak here. I will wait till later." I shit you not. She just accepts that. Yeah that makes sense. A women that was raised toady would totally be cool being dismissed by the guy she is "falling in love with" because he thinks she has no place to speak.

As the author from Reasoning with Vampires would say; we are entering some serious psychological fuckery here kids.

I have another book from this series sitting in my room and I am scared to pick it up because the female lead is kick as in another book. She carried weapons and all sorts of stuff. She gave a guy a round house kick. If she crumples because of one really good fucking I am going to find Brenda Joyce and smack her into next Sunday.

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