Sunday, February 27, 2011

Graphic Novels on E-readers

Why hasn't this happened yet? I mean really? Graphic novels are on the internet everywhere. I can find all the comics I read online some place. So why do I still have to pay so much if I want to purchase one? They are normally four to five dollars more than a regular book. I understand that the giant painted American kind would not translate they are too large and detailed, but the thousands of manga books already would fit on the e-reader screen.

This needs to be the next thing that e-reader companies can give us. The market for manga novels is huge, go into any Barnes and Noble or Borders and check.  Both have entire sections dedicated to these books. In fact most Borders even carry snacks and merchandise attached to some of the comics. This could open up the e-reader market even more so. The page dimensions are the right size and a zoom in function doesn't seem like a huge leap from larger font.

This could happen. This should happen. I want to be able to buy my manga on my Nook the same way I buy books. Tapping into this fan base could create millions in revenue. Bleach and Naruto alone could make this a viable option. We are talking about putting e-readers in the hands of every person going to Comic-Con.

Am I the only one that see this?

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