Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad Habits Return

I will admit that I have a few bad habits. I scratch my face all the time and touch my hair non stop because I like having some thing to do with my hands, also I like picking at things. But now that I am between jobs again one of my more annoying habits is back.

You see everyone else has work to do around here so I am left for hours on end by myself with my computer and the television to keep me company. And yes some of that time is spend trying to find a job but a good part of that time the television is on no matter what I do. So I have conversations with the television. I talk to the actors or if its a reality show I express my feelings towards them or coach them. I tend to yell at the reality shows more. Teen Mom is my worst.

I don't really notice that I do this until my boyfriend gets home and wants me to stop because its driving him crazy.

Also my right eye has been twitching all yesterday and today. I think its rebelling, and I think my stomach might be in on it.

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