Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Review: Dark Embrace by Brenda Joyce

I got this book from the library because there was some subconscious recognition going on. I saw the author name and had a vague impression of knowing it. So I looked through the selection and picked the one with the back the most drew me. It was because the lead male in this one could turn into a wolf, I know big surprise but you can just deal with it.

Anyway I am a little lost as to what the main plot of these books are because this one takes place in the middle of the series. But there are a bunch of Highlanders who are all crazy hot and can time travel to save innocent people, and find pretty ladies. This book is about the guy, Aidan the Wolf of Awe,  that basically got semi screwed cuz is dad is crazy evil and he ends up kind of half evil-half good. We get that whole tormented thing going on big time here. He saves this girl, Brie Rose, that at first I totally like but as it went on I got annoyed with. She is a bit of a geek girl and wears glasses which I totally love when they have fellow glasses wearers in these books, but she is a bit of a wet blanket in my opinion.

See mr. man doesnt want to love her and have his soul saved so he is mean and still pissed about some stuff his dad did. And the girl just takes it and chases him around saying she loves him and wants to heal and save him. It got to the point were it was a bit like domestic abuse the way thing were going. A large portion of this book was devoted to simply hashing out this same thing over and over again until the guy finally gave in. It bored me a little and I turned up the skim speed so to speak so that I could get through it faster.

On the other hand the side characters that clearly had their own books seemed interesting and I have every intention of reading more of the series. I don't really know if I liked this book a whole lot, but then again I have been in a mood recently because of not knowing how the job interview went the other day.

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