Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Review Piranha

When this movie came out in theaters over the summer I had really meant to go see it. My boyfriend and I on several occasions said we were going to go see it and then never got around to it. Now I am really glad we didnt.

The movie was a bit of a let down. This one movie reviewer I trust said it was tons of blood and girls and just sorta good bad. I wasn't expecting it to be epic but at lease pretty cool. Frankly I was forty five minutes into the movie before there was anything super entertaining. Before that point there was really only two deaths by fish in the movie. I was kinda bored for the first half really. And then all of a sudden it got crazy bloody. I had to stop eating the pizza I was having at the time to not get super grossed out. They really went all out with the prosthetic mayhem.

Another thing that was annoying was that there were two kids in the movie. I mean really two small children were part of this. We all know that no one is going to kill the kids but people trying to save them is going to end up causing others to die. And there was this whole plot with their older brother trying to get some money for a Girls Gone Wild kind of group. Which involved some really long drawn out moments. Not to mention they have this glass bottom boat that could never exist because glass that protruded would slow the boat down when its moving. But on a similar note there were a lot of tits in the movie. I mean not enough to really blow my mind or anything like that, but there were like four porn stars in the movie. My boyfriend was really entertained until he got his pizza and then it didn't really matter anymore.

The end of the movie is real punch in the face. It ends with this idea that the piranhas that have been attacking everyone all day are the babies and that there are larger ones out there, and then a giant one eats the scientist. Which begs the question if they are planning to make another movie about this, because I don't know if I can sit through it.

Also that outboard motor scene that looked like it was going to be epic in the trailer was a total let down.

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