Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book Review: Enchanting the Beast by Kathryne Kennedy

Remember that other review I did of her books? Yeah I liked those, this one has got me very on the fence. So this one involved a werewolf, which had me really excited until the book started. This one was paced completely differently than the other two and I knew something was off when I was a few chapters in. It just felt like a different author. Also I can't be sure but it might even be a different time period because the fashion that the women are wearing seems to have hoops in it. Its messing with my brain.

Also there is the part here that I don't want to sound mean about. The female lead is in her forties and the male is twenty seven. Which is just a little ewww...... I mean I know that it happens, but its just a bit gross. I am just a wee bit like ehhh. I don't want to judge the book because I feel that it would be cruel but just can't get into it. I just see some one my boyfriend's age banging my mom's friend. Its just odd.

Also I am about half way into the book right now and so far nearly nothing has happened. I mean I walked away from this book. I hardly ever do that, once I start a book I rarely ever put it down. So the fact that I have walked away from the book means that its not that good. I mean there has been no mention of Merlin's relics at all. In fact now that I look back at the book I think this might have been her first because the opening speaks more of Merlins relics. Yeah this is a first go and it shows.

Undecided on this one.

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  1. "So this one involved a werewolf, which had me really excited until the book started"

    Haha. Love it.