Friday, January 28, 2011

Book Review: Immortal Sea by Virginia Kantra

I started this series a while back when the first couple of books came to my library. The basic over arching plot follows "children of the sea" which includes selkies and finfolk. They are a dying breed of people because pollution has caused the ocean to suffer greatly. The entire series takes place on an island in Maine called Worlds End which to me screams "weird shit happens here." The first book there was a female selkie that is in love with the human sheriff of the down, and they battle some demon for some reason I forget that one. The second book the human sheriff's selkie brother gets a lady preggers after a one night stand and then a demon tries to kill the baby thinking its some prophesy baby. The third one was the sister of the two previous males turns out to be a selkie too and she and the selkie king get it on.

This book was the first of the stories to introduce a none selkie character. The lead, Morgan, is a finfolk which means a water shape shifter. Anyway we go back to roughly the plot of book two but with a time lapse. Morgan has sex with Elizabeth in the Netherlands about fifteeen years ago. She of course got preggers but because he never spoke to her again was never able to tell him about it. Liz has now moved to World's End to be the doctor there after her husband died. Morgan is visiting for the birth of book two character's baby and run into his son. From there its mostly Morgan trying to find time to talk to Liz and Zach about the fact of what they are.

There is a demon involved but only at the very end. So much of the book is dedicated to deal with Morgan's lack of emotions and Liz's attempts to deal with him and yet remain a responsible mother. I was pretty far into the book before I felt any tension. Of the series I still feel like the second book was my favorite. This one fell a bit flat. Morgan is extremely one dimensional and Liz is a bit on the boring side the entire time. I really never felt the passion.

I will say that I am intrigued because the next book is going to include a "child of air" or angel as a main character. Oh yeah demons are "children of fire" and fairies are "children of forest" or is it wood. Whatever. Anyway the next book is going to branch out a bit more from the rigid rules the series has held so far.

Final word is pick up the series in order first before going right to this one. All previous characters come up and it could be confusing.

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