Monday, January 24, 2011

Thought of the day: A Problem with Names

I can't be the only one to see this. There is something crazy about names in these books and soap operas really. The men and women have the strangest names ever. I mean what mother goes Venom that sounds like an awesome name for my adorable and precious baby boy. I don't think so. Men get these odd names in Romance and Fantasy books. Muhdur? Butch? Blade? Okay I did know a kid named Blade in the 5th grade but he was weird and had some very strange parents.

At the same time girls get these odd names two. They get giant first names that are almost always shortened to something weird. Again I just don't see that many mothers pulling that out of their hats. I mean understand that some times its in some other world and that makes some sense, but when characters come from modern times then I don't believe it. Also what is with the name Tabitha? Every series has a Tabitha, I am not joking. Am I missing something here? That is not a popular name, I checked. I am just saying I was in a sorority and had we had about 15 girls with some kind of variation of Kathrine as their name. So if we are going for accuracy and sense then I should be seeing a lot more Katie, Emily, and Jessica.

If anyone reads this I want them to post their first name and the names of three of their friends. I just want to gauge this. Because I know I am write. Also include the strangest first name you have ever encountered.

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