Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review: Come the Night by Susan Krinard

I started this book at about midnight last night and finished it at about six in the morning. Yeah I did that. My head kills right now but I forcing myself to stay awake although I am noticing an extreme number of typos as I do this. Anyway.

In this book you a werewolf girl and a part werewolf guy who during the Great War had a bit of a fling. The story takes place a while later during Prohibition and centers on the fact that the two have a son and that the girl's dad is a total ass. There is more to the story including some murder mystery and some very confusing political dialogue that some how ends with Hitler.

The plot was well written and the fact that the story was told from nearly every major characters point of view at some point was intriguing. The bad guy's intentions took some time for me to iron out. I just dont know if I would call this a romance novel. True the relationship between the two leads is central to everything in the story but both of them act stoney and cold the entire time and barely is there mention of feelings in the book. It sorta just assumed that they still love each other and are putting on brave faces to do what is right. The plot takes up quite a bit of the book and there are really one three scene that might be considered scandalous, which really means that this book could have been put in the plain old fantasy section without too many people noticing.

I did find that the female lead was a bit odd because we were supposed to accept that she had been verbally abused her entire life and yet had this back bone of steel because she is a werewolf. I am not sure if I can agree with that. But at the same time it took the male lead a very long time to come out from the indoctrination she was under. It might be that the plot had to rush her transformation but something about her felt a bit off.

Another thing was that everyone was drinking. I can understand the parts were they are in England and Prohibition isn't in play but nearly everyone is having a drink in the book. The hotels even have minibars. Now I know that most of the police force back then turn some what of a blind eye to the drinking because they liked to have a cold one too, but seriously shouldn't there be at least some lack of booze.

I would suggest the book to anyone that maybe wants a light suspense kind of fantasy novel. There are only two sex scenes and one memory of sex. No mention of throbbing members throughout the book so it can be enjoyed as a purely fantasy novel.

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