Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Review: Dorian Gray

Alright so back when the Chronicle of Narnia Prince Caspian came out my friend Sam and I became rather crazy about the guy playing Prince Caspian. I mean we thought he was hot shit. Mr. Ben Barnes was fought over at great length as to who would get him. Now I feel a bit bad that I never went to see the second Narnia movie is in. Anyway back to the point. After Caspian came out we stalked him on IMDB at about that time I found that he was going to appear in a movie called Dorian Gray. Now I am well read so I know the story and I was kind of stocked to see it was coming out in the not to near future.

So I waited and waited and waited for the movie to come out. There is a good chance that it never came out in the states. In fact I forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I was out of my mind bored and found the movie on the request options to order. Well I added it to my queue and carried on, then today it showed up in my mailbox.  No one wants to watch it with me so here I am sitting watching it by myself.

Okay so right off the bat I am a wee bit creeped out by this odd tension between the painter and Dorian. I mean I was convinced they were going to make out. And then Colin Firth came in and I thought it was going to happen again. I was really messed up by that. Its a bit of a mind bend.

Also Colin Firth appears to be the one who is the bad guy at this point. He is making Dorian do bad things when he doesn't want to, like cheating on his girlfriend and then making them break up so that she kills herself. Colin Firth what are you doing? Now he just made Dorian ruin some girl's innocence and mind bend some old lady. Now he has done both mom and daughter, wow. Well now we are getting to the part were the painting turns bad, and they are making out! Ben Barnes stop that, come back here, no making out with the painter dude. Alright the painting screamed. It was really odd.

Also on a side note while all this is happening my boyfriend's parents are having some yelling fit about finding and S cable for the tv. Its rather comical. I mean really tense moment with Dorian while at the same time I can hear "Did you try the drawer? Yes I looked there. What about the basement?" Parents are fun like that.

After we get past the initially creepy part of this movie its not as scary as I thought it was going to be. I mean I really was expecting horror because all the trailers were for horror movies. I am really bad when it comes to horror movies, I am a massive pansy. So watching this movie originally was going to be a bit of a double edged sword for me because I was sure I was going to be freaking out. So far not scary, at least not to the point where I have a sheet over my eyes.

I am not really sure now if I liked the movie or not. I mean I enjoyed watching it and it freaked me out just a little bit but I don't feel sad that its over. Hmm another movie for the fence.

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