Monday, January 10, 2011

Rising To The Challange

Alright so I like video games. I think they are really cool and I love all the different kinds there are. Sadly I suck royally at them. I am a button masher of the worst degree. The second the enemy attacks my ability to remember which button does what fails and my braid issues a command; "PUSH ALL BUTTONS! ALL BUTTONS UNTIL IT IS DEAD!" As most of you know this means I do poorly all the time.

My boyfriend likes to call me out on the fact that while I talk about video games, and am interested in them I don't acctually play any video games. That was right about the time that Dragon Age came out.

Okay so Dragon Age is the standard medival action adventure kind of game. You get to place one of three races, Human, Elf and Dwarf and those standard sort of jobs Warrior, Rogue, Mage. There is some kind of orc/zombie esc horde that is attacking this country. Pretty much its right up my alley. In fact here is a really funny review of it.

So about a year ago or so I picked up the game from my boyfriend and started to play. Well actually first I played through the part with werewolves and nothing else. Then I went back and started the game over on my own xbox. I was past some of the really annoying missions when I learned I had stacked my character points wrong. I was making game play harder for myself. So I started all over again. And when I got to this really annoying part right before this dream sequence stuff that killed me about three times in the previous attempt I gave up.

Well then I made my boyfriend read a book I thought he would like that I had read. He almost liked it, but not enough to ever let me live down the fact that he completed the thing I wanted and yet I can't finish the thing that he wanted me to try.

Well being unemployed for a couple of days has seen me burn through the selection that Netflix has to offer and I have seen so many movies that there are no new releases that tickle my fancy. Also there are trailers for the second installment of Dragon Age out already and I would sort of like to know where the story goes.

The major draw back here.....My game data is on the hard drive I sold to my brother, so I will have to start from the point I left off here or play through the opening quests for a fourth time. I can't decide. I know I slaughtered all the elves in favor of the werewolves in this one but I also missed like five quests in the area. It has also come to my attention that I left my strategy guide with my brother so I might be playing with a poorly stacked character again. Argh. I think I might start a chronicle of what I do here.

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